Inspect the Unexpected

An unexpected repair bill is the last thing you want when you move into your dream home.
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Buying a home can be very emotional, especially if it’s love at first sight.

Imagine that you’ve finally found your dream home and you’re feeling on top of the world!

Your mind’s made up and you just want to put in an offer as quickly as possible so you don’t lose it to another buyer.

Now, think about how you’d feel once you’re all moved in only to discover that your dream home’s nothing but a money pit.

Hidden surprises are the last thing you want to deal with but it’s easy to overlook potential problems when you find a home you love as most buyers tend to focus on the positive features.

Taking the time to have the home professionally inspected will help you see the full picture as home inspections help identify both existing and future problems.

There’s no such thing as a perfect house though so don’t be alarmed when minor issues arise. Look at it instead as a learning experience as most inspectors will discuss the home’s systems and how they should be maintained.

Home inspections aren’t just for buyers though. Sellers often have inspections completed before they put their property on the market so they’re not caught off guard and forced into a vulnerable position at the negotiating table.

Knowing the condition of a house is key when it comes to selling real estate so it’s important to be fully aware of any existing problems beforehand so they can be dealt with accordingly.

Not everyone chooses to have a home inspection but if you want to potentially avoid buying a home riddled with problems, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Just be sure to choose a certified home inspector who comes highly recommended and confirm that the cost includes a detailed written report. The knowledge and peace of mind you’ll gain will almost certainly be well worth the expense.

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